Our Design and Remodel Services
Interior Design Coaching
Imagine...  A professional Interior Designer's ideas, guidance and contacts used to create a beautiful home DONE BY YOU!

It’s an affordable way to help you with your decorating.  We'll try to use what you have first, and if anything is needed such as furniture, area rugs, etc., together we'll create a design plan with all the details you need to pull it all together.  With the help of my samples and inspiration files, we'll determine the styles, measurements, fabrics, colors, and anything else you need to confidently make your purchases. We'll even do some shopping online together to find just the right piece!

No high commission fees.  No pressure to purchase merchandise with high mark-up prices.  Just helpful advice and creative designer ideas.  Expect an enjoyable session working with a compassionate coach who not only understands your time and money constraints, but also your decorating anxieties.
  • Paint color selections
  • Furniture arrangement and buying advice
  • Window Treatments
  • Area rugs
  • Artwork & Accessories
  • Customized Project Plans and checklists
  • Designer tips and tricks to help save you money
  • Affordable online, and local retailers.
  • Plus advice on how and who to hire for your projects.
​​"Our single meeting really put me on the right track and now I know exactly what I need and am not aimlessly wandering around home stores."
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Remodel Coaching
 Why Hire a Remodel Coach? ​​

It is more common for homeowners to procrastinate and then ultimately give up when it comes to remodeling, not because of finances, but because it is all so overwhelming. Prior costly mistakes, or fear of making new ones can kill your confidence.  What styles and design elements will be timeless and offer resale value? What happens if you lose control of the job?  How will you know if you've chosen a reliable contractor? With remodeling......KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! 

Together we will strategize more workable layouts and choose all your design elements, paying careful attention to your budget and how you personally use the space.   I'll give you guidance on details like the size of the pendant shade needed, the best finish for a sink, and the most durable flooring for your lifestyle.  You will get a complete plan that is objective and what truly works best for you.

When Remodeling for Resale, you'll learn what home improvements offer the most resale value not just for your size and style home but also for buyers looking in your neighborhood.
How much does it cost?
"She put our family first, identified our style and provided a holistic strategy for focusing our budget on the highest impact improvements." 
  • Kitchens, Baths, Sunrooms, Additions
  • Customized Project Plans and checklists
  • Includes "How To Hire a Contractor" training
  • Affordable online, and local retailers
New Build Design Coaching
​You've done all the research, found the perfect spot to build, decided on a builder for your new home and  signed all the papers. Yeah! Most of the stress is overwith right?  Don't be caught by surprise with all the design decisions that now need to be made...sometimes at a quicker pace than you realized.

The most common regret I hear is "I wish I knew you before I built my home".  Because making the right selections now that work with YOUR style and with you and your future in mind can save you from living with an expensive feature that is too costly to replace later. I can also guide you toward design choices that can be done less expensively after you close on your new home. 

"I wish I had found Jodi sooner in the building process; it would have made the early selections much easier."
  • Kitchen & Bath fixtures, cabinets, tile, flooring, lighting, etc.
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Paint Color Selections
  • Flooring & Stairs
  • Doors, trimwork, moldings 
  • Exterior - paint, stonework, roof, shutters, doors, etc.

We'll meet at your current home, the builder's design center, a model home, or even a local shop.
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Virtual Coaching
Need just a few questions answered and have a limited schedule?  Let's connect online!

How it works ~ I'll send you an email with a link to an online meeting between you and me.  Follow the link and you'll soon find yourself looking at my computer screen.  Together at our own computers, coffee (or tea?!) in hand, we'll do our research and make your design selections online.
"How To Hire a Contractor" online course coming soon!
  • Kitchen & Bath fixtures, cabinets, tile, flooring, lighting, etc.
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Flooring & Stairs
  • Doors, trimwork, moldings 
  • Exterior - paint, stonework, roof, shutters, doors, etc.

*While we can cover most design elements in a virtual session, it is difficult to achieve best results when it comes to paint colors.  
"She has excellent contacts for your projects and helpful info for purchasing items for your home. A wealth of knowledge and a kind, caring personality. "
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Age In Place Coaching
Age In Place Design is smart design for lifelong living in your home. 

Choosing features that greatly benefit an aging homeowner also allows us to be ready should we need now.  It involves not only such basic accommodations as wider doorways, grab bars and zero entry thresholds, it also incorporates important design elements like counters with different heights and contrasting edges that make it easier to perform personal and housekeeping functions. 

Decor Coach can guide you through options for remodeling your home so that it not only works for you now, but should you need special accommodations later.  
"Jodi is very easy to talk to and work with and I felt no pressure whatsoever to do anything I was not ready to do. She listened to what I was saying and encouraged MY ideas as well. "
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